This year’s event will be part of MIT Space Week. Take a look at the celebration of the Apollo Moon landing 50th anniversary on Wed 3/13/19 and Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age on Thu 3/14/19.

Friday 3/15/2019: New Space Age Conference

Pre-conference welcome and check-in

  • 0800-0900

Light breakfast & coffee served.

Lift-off: Welcome speech

  • 0900-0905

Background on MIT Sloan Astropreneurship and Space Industry Club (ASIC) and the logistics of the New Space Age Conference.

Patrick Butler / Co-President, MIT Astropreneurship & Space Industry Club

Space Industry Primer: Setting the galactic stage

  • 0905-0930

An overview of the current state of the space industry and the next boundaries that humanity is pushing through international collaboration on our way to the stars.

Josh Hartman / Venture Advisor, Flying Object

Increasing Utilization: Spacecraft sensors as a service

  • 0930-0955

A discussion about Praxis, Inc.'s efforts to deliver innovative and economically sound solutions to some of space's biggest challenges.

Tony Marzi / General Manager, Praxis, Inc. (A Technology Service Corporation Company)

Insights at the speed of change: USING SPACE TO HELP LIFE ON EARTH

  • 0955-1020

A discussion about how real-time earth imagery can revolutionize businesses across all industries.

Robbie Schingler / Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Planet Labs

networking break

  • 1020-1035

Light refreshments served.

Breaking barriers to global connectivity: Ground Terminals

  • 1035-1100

A discussion about facilitating global connectivity through innovative ground terminal antenna technology.

Nathan Kundz / Former CEO & President, Kymeta Corporation

Accelerators: New Space Venture Opportunities

  • 1100-1145

A panel discussion by representatives from several accelerators accross the country that have become increasingly involved in funding space-focused ventures.

Van Espahbodi / Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

Spencer Irvine / Program Manager, Sembler Office at Draper

Warren Katz / Managing Director, Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars

Moderator: Jenny Collins / Co-President, MIT Astropreneurship & Space Industry Club

Closing the Business Case: the nexus of the new space economy

  • 1145-1210

A presentation on how DigitalGlobe and Maxar are changing the way we view our planet.

Megan Wood / Sr Director of Strategy & Corporate Development, DigitalGlobe (A Maxar Company)

"We are go for Lunch"

  • 1210-1300

Lunch served.

Astropreneurs: entering the final frontier

  • 1300-1345

A panel discussion by representatives from several startup organizations within the emerging space economy.

John Serafini / CEO, HawkEye 360

John Rising / Director of Vehicle Engineering, Relativity

Tanveer Kathawalla / CFO, Analytical Space

Moderator: Brittany Churchill / Vice President, MIT Astropreneurship & Space Industry Club

Closing the business case: Investing in new space ventures

  • 1345-1410

A discussion about how venture capital firms have become increasingly involved in funding space-focused ventures.

Mike Collett / Founder & Managing Partner, Promus Ventures

The Orbiter: Facilitating Safe LEO Infrastructure

  • 1410-1435

Learn how SpaceAble aims at improving the reliance of low earth orbit thanks to a blockchain enhanced on-orbit inspector: the Orbiter.

Julien Cantegreil / Founder & CEO, SpaceAble

Enabling Space Ecosystems: Moon Navigational Services

  • 1435-1500

A discussion about facilitating organizations pursuing scientific and business opportunities on the Moon.

Blair Dewitt / CEO & Founder, Lunar Station

Half Lotus Toe Balance: An Exercise in Space Yoga

  • 1500-1505

Keep the energy flowing with some 1G yoga stretches to prepare for some epic Zero-G yoga poses.

lightning talk pitch session

  • 1505-1520

Students, researchers, and startups provide 1-minute lightning talks on their project as a preamble to their poster session.

Poster Session and NEtworking

  • 1520-1610

Students, researchers, and startups showcase their work for in depth discussions.

Closing the business Case: Legal and Regulatory considerations

  • 1610-1635

A discussion on the current state of international regulatory structures and how companies, such as Spire, must make conscience decisions about legal and regulatory impacts to their business.

George John / Lead Legal & Regulatory Counsel, Spire

Global impact: Bermuda in Space

  • 1635-1700

Learn how Bermuda and other international organizations are participating in the New Space Age.

Video Introduction by the Hon. Walter Roban / Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, Govt of Bermuda

Dr. Danielle Wood / Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab & MIT AeroAstro

Concluding Remarks

  • 1700-1705

    Jenny Collins / Co-President, MIT ASIC

networking reception

  • 1705-1800

Appetizers and drinks served.