MIT Samberg Conference Center, March 11th, 2017

Pre-conference welcome and check-in

  • 0700-0800

Light breakfast & coffee served

Lift-off: Welcome speech

  • 0800-0805

Background on MIT Sloan Astropreneurship and Space Industry Club (ASIC) and the logistics of the New Space Age Conference.

      Barret Schlegelmilch / President, MIT ASIC

New Space: The Emergence of the Private Space Industry

  • 0805-0825

An introduction to the concept of the New Space movement and a brief overview of the current state of the private space industry.

Dr. Sean Casey / Founder and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Space Center

Ridesharing: Splitting the Cost of Space Access

  • 0825-0850

Overview of the rise and future of the ridesharing industry as a means to affordably launch payloads into orbit.

Phil Brzytwa / Director of Business Development, Spaceflight

accelerating innovation: Resources for space startups

  • 0850-0915

A presentation on LightSpeed Innovations' offerings and experiences as an aerospace startup accelerator.

Ellen Chang / Partner, LightSpeed Innovations


  • 0915-1000

Discussion on the development of laser communications and other technologies aimed at addressing the problem of reliable high-bandwidth communications.

Dan Nevius / COO and Co-Founder, Analytical Space

David Mitlyng / SVP Business Development & Strategy, BridgeSat Inc.

Kim Slater / Earth and Space Science Lead, Draper

Doug Sinclair / Owner, Sinclair Interplanetary

Dr. Whitney Lohmeyer / Systems Engineer, OneWeb

Dr. Kerri Cahoy / Director, MIT Space Telecommunications, Astronomy, and Radiation Lab (STAR Lab)

Moderator: Steven Link / MIT LGO Fellow


  • 1000-1010

Adapting and Innovating: CoMPOSITES FOR SPACE

  • 1010-1035

A discussion on Boeing's efforts to promote sustainable innovation in the space industry.

Dr. Naveed Hussain / VP of Aeromechanics Technology, The Boeing Company

Crossing the divide: Transitioning from the startup stage

  • 1035-1100

A perspective on the current environment of the space industry for companies transitioning out of the startup stage. 

Dr. Natalya Bailey / CEO and Founder, Accion Systems Inc.

Karman line, now boarding: public access to space

  • 1100-1125

A presentation on Blue Origin's efforts to make space access available and affordable to the public.

Dr. Erika Wagner / Business Development Manager, Blue Origin

prospecting in the new frontier: mining space resources

  • 1125-1150

An exploration of new resource frontiers in space as enablers for both expansion outwards and economic growth on Earth.

James Orsulak / Director of Sales and Business Development, Planetary Resources


  • 1150-1300

Lunch served

Sustainable expansion: reaching mars and beyond

  • 1300-1345

A discussion on the most cost-effective and technologically feasible ways to create a sustainable Earth-Mars supply chain and interplanetary economy.

Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman / Director, MIT Man Vehicle Lab, NASA Astronaut

Dr. Philip Metzger / Planetary Scientist, UCF, Co-Founder, NASA Kennedy Space Center Swamp Works

Keegan Kirkpatrick / Team Lead, Redworks

Mark Jernigan / Associate Director, NASA JSC Human Health and Performance Directorate

Moderator: Aditya Bhattaru / MIT AeroAstro PhD Candidate

Crossing barriers: unique Resources for startups

  • 1345-1410

A presentation on Draper Sembler's solutions aimed at lessening the cost of hardware development and testing for space startups.

Spencer Irvine / Program Manager, Sembler Office at Draper

Alan Campbell / Special Projects Lead, Complexity Solutions Division at Draper

bringing space closer: CubeSats as a Commercial Platform

  • 1410-1435

A presentation on Lunar Station Corporation's MoonWatcher project to provide 24/7 HD video of the Lunar surface to the public from space.

Blair DeWitt / CEO and Co-Founder, Lunar Station Corporation

Establishing connections: Iridium-NEXT

  • 1435-1500

A presentation on Iridium's new constellation currently being placed in orbit to create a more connected world.

Daniel Colussy / Former CEO, Iridium LLC

Don Thoma / CEO, Aireon


  • 1500-1510

Shooting for the stars and beyond: breakthrough starshot

  • 1510-1535

An overview of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative to create an ultra-fast light-driven nanocraft.

Dr. Avi Loeb / Advisory Committee Chair, Breakthrough Starshot Initiative, Chair, Harvard Department of Astronomy

Pushing out: new propulsion developments

  • 1535-1620

A panel on three new types of satellite propulsion systems - Accion's TILE, Princeton Satellite System's fusion engine, and Breakthrough Starshots' light-sail.

Dr. Natalya Bailey / CEO and Founder, Accion Systems Inc.

Michael Paluszek / President, Princeton Satellite Systems

Charles Swanson / Researcher, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Dr. Avi Loeb / Advisory Committee Chair, Breakthrough Starshot Initiative, Chair, Harvard Department of Astronomy

Mr. Peter Hruby / Business Development Manager, Busek Co. Inc.

Moderator: Jordan Charles / MIT LGO Fellow

working between sectors: new space and governments

  • 1620-1645

A presentation on Bigelow Aerospace's recent accomplishments and current projects with a discussion on how private space companies currently interact with governments.

Ryan Noble / Business Development and Government Outreach, Bigelow Aerospace

INTO THe unknown: Regulations and law in the private space era

  • 1645-1710

A discussion on the current and possible future state of laws and regulatory frameworks regarding space operations.

Matthew Kleiman / JD, Author, "The Little Book of Space Law"

Brian Link / JD, Practicing Attorney (Los Angeles)


  • 1710-1720

Leveraging Orbit: Big Data from space

  • 1720-1740

An overview of Astro Digital's development of multi-spectral imaging satellites as a service for various industries and organizations.

Katerina Lengold / VP of Business Development, Astro Digital

Rapid Insights: satellite imagery meets machine learning

  • 1740-1755

A presentation on TellusLabs' development of a novel data analytics platform to address challenges from food and water scarcity to sustainable urban and industrial systems.

Dr. David Potere / CEO and Co-Founder, TellusLabs

tapping the unexplored at home: space parallels

  • 1755-1815

A presentation on how cutting-edge research and development in other industries is currently being applied and could be applied in the space industry.

Dr. James Kinsey / Associate Scientist, Deep Submergence Lab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

From the azores to the stars: space as a science enabler in the atlantic

  • 1815-1835

A presentation on the Portuguese space ecosystem and several initiatives in the realm of New Space. 

Professor Paulo Ferrão / President, Fundação para a Ciência e a TecnologiaI

tHE FUTURE: STUDENT R&D and presentations

  • 1835-1845

A presentation from student groups and researchers on some of the newest technologies being developed at MIT and elsewhere.

Concluding Remarks

  • 1845-1850

Wrap-up and segue to happy hour.

      Barret Schlegelmilch / President, MIT ASIC

Networking Happy HouR

  • 1850-End

Reception with panelists, speakers, and attendees.

Drinks and light food served